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Men’s Advanced

Men's Advanced Indoor Soccer League '24-'25


  • Welcome to the battleground of the most electrifying indoor soccer league in town! Get ready to lace up your boots and unleash your inner soccer superstar as we dive into the heart-pounding action of our Men's 6 v 6 and 7 v 7 Indoor Soccer League Advanced Division!
  • Tuesday evenings are no longer just another day of the week - they're the stage for adrenaline-fueled showdowns, where skill, strategy, and sheer determination collide in a spectacle of soccer brilliance. Step into our arena and witness the intensity firsthand as teams battle it out in thrilling 6 v 6 and 7 v 7 matchups. Feel the energy pulsating through the air as players dribble, pass, and shoot their way towards victory on the compact yet dynamic indoor pitches.
  • But this isn't just any ordinary soccer league - it's the pinnacle of competitive indoor soccer, where only the most skilled and dedicated athletes dare to compete. From lightning-fast footwork to precision passing, every moment is a testament to the dedication and passion of our players.
  • In addition to the exhilarating regular season matchups, each session culminates in an electrifying playoff week. Here, all teams will have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the path to glory. Following the regular season, teams will be seeded according to their performance, setting the stage for intense playoff matchups. A regular season champion and playoff champion will be crowned, adding an extra layer of prestige and excitement to each session.
  • So whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, there's a place for you in our Men's Indoor Soccer League Advanced Division. Don't miss your chance to be part of the action - sign up now and let the games begin!


  • Team/Game Format

    Indoor North Field 7v7 and Indoor South Field 6v6
    45 minute games
    Limit 12 players per team (each player must have a light and dark shirt at all games)
    Home team changes if there is a conflict

  • Days of Play

    Tuesday Nights 5:00-10:00pm
    (times subject to change)

  • Session Dates/Cost

    Oct. 29, 2024-Jan. 21, 2025 11 weeks $825/Team + 2% processing fee

    Jan. 28, 2025-Apr. 8, 2025 11 weeks $825/Team + 2% processing fee