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It is now easier than ever to register your team, players, and get your teammates payments!

We are now using LeagueApps which will allow you to create an account, register your team, invite your players to accept a spot on your team, sign the online waiver and pay online.

  1. First figure out who is going to be playing on your team and collect all of their emails.
  2. Create an account using this link:
  3. Select the league you want to register for.
  4. Select Team Captain.
  5. Input Team Name and choose division if you have that option for your league.
  6. You can then choose, divide team player fee among players or, if the box is unchecked the team captain will be responsible for full team payment.
  7. Next you will read and agree to Waiver requirements as well as the Refund/Cancellation policy requirements.
  8. Next you will enter the payment method.
  9. You will then go to your Dashboard. Look for current registration activities. Under Role/Team you will see Manage or Add Players (Click).
  10. You will see Invite and this is where you will input your players emails to invite them to join your team. If you selected divide team player fee among players the system will automatically divide the team fee between the number of team members you have listed on your team roster. When accepting their invitation to the team they will be required to pay their portion of the team fee and sign the waiver. You must enter all of your teammates that you would like to divide the team fee between at the same time as the system will automatically divide the team fee between the number of players on the roster. If you add or delete a player after the initial roster the individual fee per player will not adjust. So make sure to have your team in order before you invite players to the roster. You can go back into your account and add a player at a later time if you do not have all your emails when you are registering, but the individual fee will be set once the first person accepts their invitation to the team.
  11. We will email you when the schedules are completed and available for viewing. You will be able to see your schedule and roster from your account. This allows you to see who has accepted your invite and signed the waiver and the invites still pending. They need to accept the invite and sign the waiver before they step on the field.

We hope to have another great indoor season!
Thank you for your continued support!

Sports Emporium Staff and Coaches